CyberDreamer is a project, that uses brainwaves to create sound pieces and artistic visualizations. Plans for CyberDreamer: Using MindFlex a [...]


METASIS marks the convergence of a variety of disciplines and contexts, united through the use of computational techniques. As a diverse gro [...]


An interactive sculpture, that is inspired by personal experiences. It addresses the cause of auditory delusions through internal and extern [...]


This visualization software calculates one position of the Fibonacci sequence, and its surrounding neighbors. The division of two neighbors [...]


… A psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something whe [...]


This video clips show results of motion capture projects I did with students of the Performance Center at Falmouth University, UK. First: Th [...]

3d drawings

Being the technical operator of a motion capture system at University Falmouth UK, I worked on many projects with students and staff of the [...]

Light drawings

This light drawings have been made by moving an DSLR camera itself during an exposure time between 15 – 25 seconds. The light sources [...]

“what remains and is to come”

This strand of “what remains and is to come” – in collaboration with Jens Meisner is an early investigation into a “materiality [...]

Figure doodles

The doodles are not bigger than some centimeters either way and mainly contain figurative motives. The technique is speed drawing, hence cre [...]

Infinite motion

This rendered video clip is based on a motion capture performance, that combines 4 core movements/dynamics into an infinite loop. The video [...]

Mime for Animators

In 2004/2005 I worked on my dissertation with the title “Pantomime fuer Animatoren”, or “Mime for Animators”. The wo [...]


“DayDream” is a Super8 project, that I created in 1998. The short story tells about a person, who starts day dreaming, while wai [...]
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