Metasis 2016


METASIS marks the convergence of a variety of disciplines and contexts, united through the use of computational techniques. As a diverse group of artists, we have critiqued and embraced code and electronics in various measures as creative tools to sit alongside the paintbrushes, cameras, and instruments at our disposal. These tools augment our existing practices and enable us to explore new creative pathways.

The works presented illustrate the versatility of computational applications in an artistic context: at times participatory, engaging the audience directly, and at others examining complex concepts by displaying the results of concerted academic practice. We demonstrate interactive, generative and procedural techniques, ranging from critiquing the autonomy of the system to the role of the artist, that walk the line between chaos and order.

"AfterOneDotSixOneEight" and "IterNoise" are final pieces of the first year of my studying for an MA in Computational Art. Both pieces took several months to accomplish. I had the ideas already some years ago, before I even started with programming.