Light drawings

This light drawings have been made by moving an DSLR camera itself during an exposure time between 15 - 25 seconds. The light sources have been 2 tea lights, thus drawing 2 parallel lines. The result is not visible till the long exposure photograph has been created. The images are direct outcomes from our real-time system connected to ones subconscious, showing like in dreams events and/or impressions of the past life experience.

The image below shows the work flow through an example:

  1. Long exposure photo (Expressed memory of an appointment with hairdresser the day of drawing taken)
  2. Using Gimp software to change image to a gray-scale image,  and to increase Brightness/Contrast.
  3. The resulting image is used in Blender3D application (Blender3D) as a displacement map of a flat cube.
  4. The 3D printed output is made of white PLA filament, that has been colored with Acrylic paint.


Some more examples: