Jens Meisner is an artist interested in computer art, generative sculpture, live animation, painting, photography and live-coding music.

After completing a diploma in animation at the University of Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Jens followed his passion for motion capture to Brighton UK to work as a freelancer on projects for Animazoo clients, a Motion Manufacture of motion capture systems.

In the coming years he has been able to significantly expand his knowledge and experience with different motion capture systems and the creation of digital contexts for live animation projects.

This led to a contractual appointment at the Innovation Center of the University of Falmouth, where he realized several art projects with staff, invited guests and students at the University Performance Center.

To overcome the limitations of existing computer programs, he successfully applied at the University of Goldsmith to complete a master's degree in computer art. Unfortunately he had to quit his studies for personal reasons, but during the 18 months of his studies he was able to start various programming languages ​​such as C ++, Python and Supercollider and put ideas of works of art into practice.

One of the extended, interesting areas that opened up for him is dealing with 3D printers and recently also CNC machines.

Today he lives and works in Berlin, where he is still engaged as a computer artist and media designer.