Life is movement. Balance is not a fixed point. Confusion is an unknown path. Experiments lead to clarity. Chaos creates patterns.

Researching design techniques and motion dynamics led me from studying Animation in 1999 to the professional use of motion capture from 2006. In the following years I worked on projects with filmmakers, game developers, dancers and other performers. From 2012 I managed a motion capture studio for 2 years in the Performance Center at Falmouth University. In 2014 I started a postgraduate study of MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmith University in London. There I came into contact with programming languages for the first time, which opened the door to a new world of possibilities for me as an Artist.

The fascination of dynamics, fractal geometry of nature and psychological conditions in humans is reflected in my 3D printed sculptures, interactive installations and pictures. The posthuman age, in which human no longer sees oneself as the center of all events, but see all beings equally as important, is the background of my interests in thought and my resulting works.

My works are created in the dynamic interplay between digital and analog. I use motion capture, generative code, machine learning algorithms, sensors and microprocessors as tools for creating sculptures, graphics and installations. Dynamic lines and shapes, digitally generated or created analog, are realized layer by layer with the help of a 3D printer. Programmed mini programs produce prints on canvas, which I give an additional texture by applying oil or acrylic paint. Interactive installations try to bring the audience an open conversation with their suroundings and themselves.

Beside my work as an Artist, I would like to share my gained skills and knowledge with teachers, students and kids. That is why I created workshops which I offer to people and institutions as teaching tools and content that can be freely modified through its open-source nature. The workshops and course are momentarily available in English and in German.

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