During the Covid-19 pandemic, the pandemic has often been compared to a war. The lockdown measures that followed felt decidedly excessive. This is now confirmed by the scientific data. The evaluation of the scientific data even shows that the measures caused more harm than good. The vaccination campaign was not carried out on a basis of science, rationality and enlightenment, as stated. Statistics with incorrect methods were used so that the incidence figures could be shown to be higher. This led to more fear in the population, so that irrational regulations and surveillance of the population could be enforced. The scientific data and intellectual debates on different approaches were suppressed when it did not fit the agenda of the government and the corporations behind it. People of different backgrounds and political views were labeled ultra-right, threatened, called tyrants and murderers. For example, in Germany it was not mentioned that the majority of people in the USA who did not want to be vaccinated come from the African-American part of the population.

These methods are known from history, particularly in the implementation of regimes and/or in preparation for war. The campaign that declared the fight against so-called misinformation led and continues to lead to an increasing restriction of personal rights. This is sold under the banner of "preserving the security of the population." Here again an echo from the dictatorial past.

WarVid-21 (or War Virus Pandemic 21) is an audio installation with models of Covid-19 viruses. The models look similar to the computer images used in the media to depict the virus. The peaks of the virus are represented by toy soldiers. The virus body is blue, while the soldiers' heads are red. The 10 virus models hang from a ceiling installation using fish tendons. This consists of a round white wooden panel with a motion detector, microprocessor, LED lights and sound system.

Below the installation on the floor there is a circle taped with yellow-black adhesive tape, which represents the 2 meter safety distance. If an exhibition visitor falls below this zone, war noises are played randomly from a collection of sound samples.



- Arduino Nano
- Jack output socket
- SD Reader module
- Mini Prototype Board
- Motion detector module
- Sound system
- Wires
- 8 mm Plywood 120 diameter
- Wooden strips 5 x 2 x 100 cm
- Plaster cast
- Spray can Blue
- Fishing line


To use an Arduino as sound player, you will need to convert audio files as follows:

Audio convertion

- Naming only with 8 characters + extension (.wav)
- Stereo Track to Mono
- Project Rate (Hz) to 16000
- Save as >> Other uncompressed files > Options to WAV, unsigned 8 bit PCM