The doodles are not bigger than some centimeters either way and mainly contain figurative motives. The technique is speed drawing, hence creating several per minute. The best choices are collected for post procedures. After scanning or photographing those selected doodles, the picture can be converted from a bitmap to a vector graphic, whereby the graphic can be scaled in almost any size wanted. The outcomes shown are wall pieces, that have a ranges from 11x13 cm to 20x60 cm.

The image below shows the work flow through an example:

  1. Speed drawing session
  2. Use camera or scanner to digitize doodles
  3. The resulting image needs to be converted from a bitmap into a vector graphic (Inkscape)
  4. The result can be imported into a 3D application (Blender3D), after exporting the vector graphic to a .svg format.
  5. Now the resulting flat polygon mesh can be extruded and combined with a base
  6. The printed PLA pieces are in different colors or colored with Acrylic paint afterwards


Here a few more examples:

Update 17.08.2023:

I finally created the light frame for one of prints seen above in the examples gallery. It has LEDs and a motion detector.