ArduBlockly Development

In order to get this nice version of a Blockly-based coding environment for kids working for the Arduino kit I want to use in my new course I designed, I had to further develop this software. I did not know much about Java and Blockly syntax, however I managed to realize it to a satisfying version.

It is basically multi-platform as it runs via a python server, that opens the software within a standard Web Browser. I even could get it to work on an Android Tablet, which is good, as some kids do not have a Laptop/PC at home.

Here the matching Arduino Starter Kit:

  • Following improvements I could achieve:
  • Add "Save Arduino Code" option
  • Extend Categories menu
  • Add all necessary blocks needed for the Elegoo "Most Complete Starter Kit - Uno R3 Project"
  • Translate German Version

Project site on GitLab: