Chordata Software Package

Chordata Software

The repository contains a software package for the open-source Motion Capture System created by Chordata. Furthermore, there are project examples to be used with the basic software "Mover". There is a new utility called "relativity cube", beside the utilities from the Beta version of this MoCap system I mentioned in another post.

All of it has been developed with openFrameworks.

Project "Chordata Software" on Gitlab

Here some images and videos showing the current version:

Chordata Sizer

Chordata Sizer is a editor for a calibration file, that creates a performer file, that will be used in Chordata Mover. The file will create an accurate representing skeleton.

Chordata Mover

Chordata Mover receives quaternion data of gyroscope sensors from Notochord Software via OSC on port 6565. This data are linked to a representing skeleton.


This examples are project examples, that can be used to program own projects based on this code.

Example: Particulus

An example that uses translation data, the positions of the skeleton joints from Mover, to change the dynamic of a circular particle system and draws line sculptures temporarly onto the screen.

Example: Mime Corporeal

This examples uses rotational data, the rotations of the skeletons joints from Mover, to move a character that has been created in a 3D application called Blender3D and exported as fbx file.

Relativity cube

This cube is needed for Chordata Sizer as reference cube. Each side is exactly 50 cm in size. With this, the true sizes of the body parts of a performer can be calculated and saved as a performer file.

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