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Virtual Reality Home Theater

NBC International Hackathon London June 2015

Free pizza, meeting people and doing some VR stuff. The NBC ain't the reason I went there. Have not been to the prize race the next day.

I used Blender 3D to build a home theater scenery, that is in its concept surrounded by a cylindrical selection of your movies. Click on a movie cover to start the movie.

The scene then was imported to Unity, in which someone else scripted functionalities, like movie cover selection and button with press-to-play characteristic of movie covers.

As a result, in a corporation-based hackathon, the winner are the ones, who come up with advertisement ideas...as usual. Not my thing anyways!

As it is not been used for anything else, I am going to transfer it to a Mozilla Hub Space, so it can be used by others.

Another post will follow in the future...