ArduBlockly: Arduino for Kids (DE/EN)

ArduBlockly: Arduino for Kids is offered online due to COVID-19 restrictions.

This course is concepted to walk kids through "Elegoo Most Complete Arduino Starter Kit" with 200 pieces. The course will go through 30 practical exercises. Each lesson will have a physical part and a coding part, so the lessons vary naturally. The course can be hold in English or German.

Age group

Teacher >> none
Kids >> 9 - 12 years

Material costs

ca. 70 Euro (Elegoo Most Complete Arduino Starter Kit)

What else do you need?

  • Laptop with installed software >> Software is provided including Installation guide by tutor
  • As alternative a tablet is possible, but it needs following adapter in order to upload code to an Arduino:

Ardublockly is a visual programming editor for Arduino. It is based on Google's Blockly, which has been forked to generate Arduino code.

Code Example >> Lesson 15:

The ArdublocklyServer Python package initialises a local server to be able to compile and load the Arduino code.

ArduBlockly did need some development to get it up to the task being used for this workshop. The link below forwards you to the last version I developed particular for the Elegoo Most Complete Arduino Starter Kit, that is going to be used in this course.

ArduBlockly Projectpage:

Physical Example >> Lesson 15

Course Index

1. Lets introduce ourselves

2. Lets start ArduBlockly and get comfortable with it

3. 29 Lessons > Step-by-Step

  1. Intro to Arduino
  2. "My Blinker" >> Built-in LED
  3. "Let there be Light" >> LED
  4. "More Colors" >> RGB LED
  5. "Button Fun" >> Digital Input
  6. "Let it beat!" >> Aktive Buzzer
  7. "Mini piano" >> Passive Buzzer
  8. "Simon says 'Move your arm!'" >> Tilt sensor with Motor
  9. "Lets make some more music!" 3>> Ultrasonic sensor with Buzzer
  10. "It sounds like a phone" >> Membrane Keypad with Buzzer
  11. "How hot is it!?" >> Temperature sensor with LEDs
  12. "Left, Right, Forwards, Back" >> Analog Joystick with LEDs
  13. "Star Light Show" >> Infra Red Remote Control with LED Matrix
  14. "Get animated" >> Infra Red Remote Control with LED Matrix
  15. "Round and Round it goes" >> Gyroscope with Motor and LEDs
  16. "Red, Yellow, Green....Go!!!" >> Motion sensor with LEDs
  17. "What time is it?" >> Realtime Clock module with Display
  18. "How deep is it?" >> Waterlevel sensor with Display
  19. "Lets scream!!!" >> Microphone sensor with Display
  20. "3 times the same" >> Thermometer with Display
  21. "You shall pass!" >> RFID Identification Scanner with Display
  22. "Blink, blink, blink" >> Shiftregister with LEDs
  23. "Brighter, lighter, light brigther" >> Photocell with LEDs
  24. "Countdown...9...0" >> 7Segment Display
  25. "1..2..3..4" >> Digital Metronome with 4x7Segment Display and Buttons
  26. "Lets make some wind" >> DC Motor with Softblades and Buttons
  27. "Tic Tac Toc" >> Relay with DC Motor
  28. "Brummm" >> DC Motor with RotaryEncoder (Potentiometer)
  29. "Last but not least" >> DC Motor with IR Remote Control

4. Lets build a robot

  • This project is more complex project, and will connect many of the knowledge you already learned.
  • The robot will trace lines and follow those lines
  • It also will try to avoid obstacles in the way, maybe blinks or makes some noise, or try to get around the obstacle.
  • We need some additional parts beside the parts from the kit.

Extra material costs:

ca. 20 Euro

Video shows ArduBot in action

Workshop Materials

Workshop on Gitlab