Eulerroom Equinox 2020 Party

Eulerroom Equinox 2020 Party

A 72 hours live streamed, algorithmic event around the world

An equinox is a day when the whole world gets 12 hours of sunlight. The March equinox marks the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere and spring in the northern hemisphere.

For March Equinox 2020 we will celebrate sixteen years of the TOPLAP live coding community with a nonstop online stream, over 19th-22nd March.

03:30 #TeamFoxDot (Detroit(US), Brooklyn(US), Berlin(DE), Prague(CZ)

Lambda Chops - We are a group of FoxDot'ers, who meet up in a Telegram Channel called "FoxDot". It is a global community, which grows every day. Momentarily, we have one server with 2 Ports, that runs Troop, so we can go and jam together 24/7. The stream will be one of this jam sessions we usually do.

I participated with my nick name BBScar + the first VizArt visualization Superformula 3D running in the background:

200319_EulerRoom Equinox_#TeamFoxDot_Performance