Event: “The Longest Night” by Tidal Club

The Longest Night by Tidal Club

40 hours of livestreamed, livecoded audio and visual performances to keep you warm during the Winter Solstice.

“The Longest Night” extends the tradition of community inclusiveness by welcoming users of all livecode languages to participate! Claim your slot at https://night.tidalcycles.org/

Our Spot:

Cycle #63
10:40 Dec 22-11:00 Dec 22
BBScar (Berlin) & KittyClock (Prague) / Europe / FoxDot Techno / Europe/Berlin

KittyClock and I aka BBScar prepared a session for this event. Unfortunately, KittyClock overslept. So I had to do it all by myself...x-D

I recorded a video of the session afterwards. As you will see, there is much more to learn...especially transition and timing.

The journey goes on!


FoxDot Code:

Code on GitLab