OHLOOM v2 – OpenSCAD Designs for an open-hardware loom

OHLOOM v2 - Re-design

This open-hardware loom is a re-designed version of
that can be produced with a CNC Router and a 3D printer

First, I transferred all previous designs into parametric designs via OpenSCAD, and added extra designs to be able to create all building parts by using a CNC Router and 3D printer only.

Next, I added the files in Slic3r or VCarvePro (using FabLabs software) to get the designs ready to proceed.

I changed the designs accordingly to experiences I made with the CNC machine (e.g. drill holes), and 3D Printer (e.g. thickness of octagonal shaft).

Later I imported all designs in FreeCad...

...in order to use the TechDraw module to generate blue prints.

All project files can be downloaded and used under cc-by-sa License 4.0: