BlocksCAD: 3D Modeling with Code for Kids (DE/EN)

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The course material of ArduBlockly: Arduino for Kids shows what to do with sensors and motors

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BlocksCAD4Kids is a course that teaches children and/or teachers and/or parents how to create 3D models with BlocksCAD. BlocksCAD uses visual building blocks or puzzle pieces, which are modified and put together as elements. These blocks generate the code in the background that creates the 3D models.

The course material is available in English or German.

Age group

Teacher >> none
Kids >> 9 - 12 years

In this course you will folllow complete small exercises to learn the various elements of the colorful modeling program. Each tutorial ends with an exercise to challenge you and your new knowledge.

There is a mini 3D printer for kids, which can children give a longer and more direct, real maker experience with it.

The printer is specially designed for children and is available on the Internet for around 110 euros. Flyers for parents are available in the course, which includes specifications of the printer and a direct link to an online shop.

Printer leaflet (German)

Course Index

  1. Lets make the first steps
  2. Lets build a little lollipop
  3. Lets build an umbrella

Exercise 1

  1. Lets build a house

Exercise 2

  1. Lets create a cup

Exercise 3

  1. Lets create a key chain
  2. How to create a heart

Exercise 4

  1. How to use BlocksCAD to do your math?
  2. Lets build a Pavilion

Exercise 5

  1. Create a pine tree

Exercise 6

  1. Lets build a forest

Exercise 7

  1. Example: Finger Ring
  2. Example: Necklace

Exercise 8

  1. Example: Head for Finger Puppet

Exercise 9

  1. Example: Robot

Exercise 10

  1. Example: Shoe Tag