www.libraryofthings.cc webserver

www.libraryofthings.cc webserver

LoT, or Library of Things is a project that offers open-source designs of exterior, interior and house hold items.

Participants can download, modify and upload designs of CNC Cutouts and 3D prints under Creative Commons license cc-by-sa 4.0 to a repository on a Gitea-based web server.

The main format is .scad, script-based parametric 3d designs programmed in OpenSCAD. The syntax of the OpenSCAD scripting language is so close to human understanding, that in order to create blueprints no computer are necessary. Therefore, the library of things can be stored in form of books.

The web page www.libraryofthings.cc is hosted on a web server I built with a Raspberry Pi 3 and an external SSD hard drive (6 Volt power consumption) to store the content of the library repository.